To eBook or not?

I’ve been an avid reader since I can remember.  I loved the summer because I could spend hours exploring the rooms and shelves and smelling the odor of old used books in an old-fashioned, cozy, cool library.  As I grew older, this feeling accentuated with the love I going to bookstores.  It didn’t matter if it was a big chain or a small independent bookstore, as long as it was filled with books to explore I could pass hours inside.  So when eBooks arrived on the scene I was very critical of them. Actually I swore I’d never read on one and surely never spend my hard-earned money on one either.  Never say never.

I decided three weeks ago to buy myself a Kindle.  OMG!!!  What was I thinking ?  How could I have done it?  Well I took a good look around my cramped house one day and realized that my book consumption was consuming me, my family, and the house; so much so that I’ve resorted to storing some of them in the garage.  Yes, I’m a woman with a bad habit that I can’t break and it’s never going to get better.  So, I decided to invest in a Kindle.  I figured like this I could really control my book acquisitions, by not necessarily having to always have a physical book.  That way I could concentrate on buying the ones that I really want to own.  All of this was decided before I’d even bought one and tested out reading on it.  What a risk!  I kept telling myself it’s the 21st century for God sake and this may become the next wave of the future.  You don’t want to be one of those old people who can’t and won’t work an eBook.  Although, deep down inside I was feeling like a traitor to literary buffs like myself who adore bookstores and the ever sacred beautiful books.

When the Kindle arrived and I read my first book, I was amazed how comfortable it was reading on it.  Since the Kindle has the E Ink display function, it’s as if you’re really reading a book, which means you can read for hours and in sunlight.  Not to mention, it’s lightweight, so comfy no matter where you hold it to read and it fits inside your purse like any paperback because it’s small.  It’s also easy to get access to the built-in dictionary while reading and you can highlight, make notes, and bookmark pages as well.  However, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind, especially for those that love holding a book: 1. missing physically seeing how far I am into the book.  That was a slight psychological battle for me (still not over it yet).  Kindle has marked the percentage read in the bottom right hand side of the page, even though, I think it’s possible to regulate it so it counts pages too,  2. buying books on Amazon is as easy as a click, but the prices are sometimes the same as paperbacks and hardbacks or are only just 30% less than the orignal physical copy.  Luckily, there are some free books (usually classics) and some inexpensive ones (around $2) but, you’ll have to search for them, unless you load up the new Kindle Free Apps(don’t know its validity).  Just be careful for sites that want you to pay a flat fee for so-called free access to books, magazines, and newspapers for life because there are some major scams going on with them.  I just learned about that yesterday.  I’ve already done some browsing on Amazon and bought  a few books on my Kindle.  My first buy was The Complete Works of Jane Austen.  I bought it for $1.09. You can’t beat that price.  I then started to load up on a few more classics that either I’ve read and want to reread or haven’t read yet and want to.  All in all I’ve only spent about $20.00 and I have 24 books on my Kindle.

In my opinion using an eBook is just a convenience, but I’ll never switch over to primarily reading on my Kindle.  I love books much too much for that!   I rate my Kindle a thumbs up, but at the same time will always promote the small independent bookstores when and wherever  I am on holiday in the States and in Paris when I go to get cultured and to do some retail therapy.  Don’t knock eBooks before you try them.  My Kindle is going to save me loads of room in my suitcase on holiday next week.  Drop me a line below and tell me what you think.  Kindle, Nook, iPad, Cybook, BeBook,PocketBook, Skiff Reader, Papyrus, Zebook, Libré,…. Which do you prefer?  If you do, why?  Comment below and happy reading….