Some Sing, Some Cry Read Along

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  1. Ifa Bayeza here! Thank you for including my novel, Some Sng, Some Cry, co-authored with my sister Ntozake, in your read-along! It’s about music and African muscality, so in a way it is meant to be experienced aloud. Please let me know how it goes.


    • Welcome Ms. Bayeza! I’ll be tweeting with a fellow Booktuber about Some Sing, some Cry on Saturdays, so you can catch us there from 4-5pm Eastern Time if you’d like to join in. Stephen and I will be doing a live show discussion on Google Hangout at the end of the month too. Would you be interested in joining in on the live show to talk about your book?


      • Tme permiting, I would love to, Didi (if I may). I am very interested in readers’ organic responses to the work. This would be an ideal forum. Also, I am working on some musical adaptations and would like to guage interest. So much of the story is France-based, you add a whole new dimension in commentary. So far have not gotten any feedback on how those sections are working. Looking forward to the experience.


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