My Book Club’s Longlist 2015-2016


  1. Small Island is one of my favourite books ever – you were robbed! I was born & raised in London & it made me understand my home in a whole new way (so much so, I chose it as one of the 10 books that most influenced me in a blog tag). Its just wonderful.


  2. Well, this video was so much fun to listen to while sipping my strawberry smoothie! According to the vote counts…( 2, 3 sometimes 0 votes) there wasn’t a book the really captivated the voting committee! I am reading Pulitzers at the moment ( books by American authors that often fall b/t the cracks as I call them…) so Doerr’s book is a #MustRead. The Last Days of S. Zweig would be my second choice and as the #BlindDate books I’d choose….Le Cas Edward Einstein and Nora Webster. Thanks so much for your ‘book talk’ !


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